Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What the Hell was I thinking...

Yesterday marked the first day of the annual "Hell Week" at my gym.
So you may be asking what is this week, and from the sounds of it, why would anyone do it??
Trust me, there was a time (or maybe two) when I've asked myself the same thing. It is different than any normal week at the gym in that.....
1.) sometimes the Coach is nice enough to post the WOD ahead of time. I find this beneficial b/c sometimes I need to mentally prep myself for what lies ahead, or often I like to check out videos of different skills so I know how to do them or at least picture them in my mind.
Well during Hell week there is none of that. You are sworn to secrecy, and if
You do tell of the workout there is punishment. To the entire class as well as the recipient of the info. Tough right?
2). There is no time for slacking, you walk in the door class begins on the dot, and you don't stop for the entire 60 minutes.
3) it is brutal, constantly for the entire duration.
4) it's more about your whole team than just yourself. The week operates under the notion of "leave no man behind". Who cares if you are the fastest? Guess what yesterday we were privileged with having an active duty Army Ranger join us, and he, just as expected Whipped everyone on every run. But he, and many others ran back out to help usher anyone left behind back in.
5). I've found a lesson to take away from each class. While the lesson may be different for each person, there is a lesson to be found.

So why would anyone subject themselves to this level of crazy? For me, there is so much positive that I gain from the sheer torture, that spills into my life as a whole.
When was the last time you were at your weakest moment, and someone came up and said I'm here to help, they just swooped in and mentally picked you up and you were able to keep going?
When was the last time you thought I am not strong enough, I can't do this, but you did? Because you are strong.
Or the time that something sucked or hurt so bad you just wanted to give up, but you kept pushing through because you knew there had to be a purpose on the other side?
I found all of those things in just 60 mere minutes yesterday....man I wonder what the rest of the week will bring?

"I really regret doing that workout," said no one ever.

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing. (1 Thessalonians 5:11 NLT)

PS. In case you are curious, Monday consisted of loving a 40# sandbag (60# for the men). For 60 minutes we picked it up and put it down in various ways, threw it on our shoulder and laid down, and then got back up and did it again, and in the midst of that we humped them for 2.4 miles. It was truly a "FUn" time ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A new endeavor....

Hey there and welcome!!  2 weeks ago I started the next phase in my life to seeking out peace, happiness and wellness to my life.  Kyle and I joined a 12 week program entitled, "Bridging the Wellness Gap" created and led by Chris Roche. 
I've always enjoyed putting my thoughts down on "paper".  I've found it to be a natural release, so when we were given the optional assignment of creating a blog I thought "why not?, now I have my own little piece of real estate in cyberspace!".......Now to come up with a title!  I enlisted the help of my Facebook friends, and one blew me out of the water! 
She came up with the title "Carry On", she hit it right on the head.  I couldn't love it more, and her reasons for loving the title are perfectly in line with mine....(man great minds think alike)
1. I think of all the baggage we "carry on" our shoulders. 
2. Sometimes we "carry on" and make drama out of things that should be simple. 
3. "Carry on" means to keep moving forward or continue. 
4. "Carry on" can reference a few good exercises at our favorite box.  (AKA gym)
5. Makes me think of the Kansas song. :)
It also follows a wonderful scripture that I'm going to start referencing more.....
"and I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns" Philippians 1:6
~God has begun a good work within me that started over a year ago (more on that later)....

So thank you friend for helping me get started.....and to the rest of you follow along, the best is yet to come!

Carry On my friends!!