Saturday, September 29, 2012

Busy, beauty, Easy and delicious

Had a busy but pretty perfect day today.
Started the morning off by heading downtown with one of my closest friends to run a 5K in honor and support of those women battling ovarian cancer. It was a powerful and emotional run as said closest friend's BFF is currently battling this disease. As in she just had her surgery 2 weeks ago!! And she was out there this morning in the brisk air surrounded by her sister and friends and many other survivors!! She walked part of the 1 mile family walk, and rode the remainder. What a testament to her strength!!
As I was running I just kept telling myself, "don't quit, don't stop running"! See that voice of negativity that lives inside my head was running her mouth again! I would have an internal dialogue with her as to why I shouldn't stop, and then when she would shut would be at that moment I would catch a glimpse of someone in a teal shirt, or a cluster of teal balloons. And remember that these incredible women are running the race of their lives, and they can't quit, so why should I have that luxury!?!...I crossed the finish line without stopping in about 29ish minutes. To all you men, women, and precious children battling for your lives I honor & pray for you.

After the run we spent the next couple hours meeting with our BTWG group. It's crazy that the program is already wrapping up! Holy cow these 12 weeks have flown by!! I truly hope our group stays connect and follows through on the amazing ideas we came up with. I know I need the support!

Then came lunch! I got to sit and eat a meal with my main squeeze!! It was simple quick and easy (all was cooked in the microwave)!!

Threw some broccoli florets and slices of onion, butter, salt and pepper in a bowl and cooked for about 4 minutes. Then cooked half a spaghetti squash
Warmed up some cooked chicken.
Tossed in layers on a plate with some fresh tomatoes. It was scrumptious!!
Ala "pasta primavera"

Finished off the gorgeous evening with a quick stop off at Town of Avon park so the girls could slide and run a Lil bit around the pond!!
It was a great day!

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  1. Love it! Looks like you had fun at the park too- you have a BEAUTIFUL family!