Saturday, September 1, 2012

What a Crazy week...

For some reason I feel like I've been railroaded this week.....

Monday: Started off the week with a sickie lil' girl, #1 Sassy Z.  I missed an appointment I had at the dentist because we were getting a strep culture done.  That was all negative; nothing is "wrong" with her....she was just randomly throwing up and running a fever off and on and having ear pains...awesome.

Feeling completely overwhelmed by being gone all weekend, having homework to makeup, and then spending the majority of the day in the doctor office and then rushing home hitting the grocery and getting it all put away before it was time to pick up #2, Crazy Z from school I made the conscious decision to skip the gym and stay home with the girls to get caught up. 
While at home I decided to make the girls something "fun" to pack in their lunch box for the week. 
So Crazy Z and I whipped up some "Granola Bars" (NOT BTWG approved)  while Sassy was doing homework (I'm sure baby was running around like the holy tornado she is)...

5 ingredient granola bars
2 cups quick cooking oats
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/2c. honey
1/2c. pb OR 1 stick softened butter
3/4c. raisins, dried cherries, or cranberries, M&Ms, mini choc. chips, sunflower seeds, anything you like really
 Heat oven to 350F. Spray a 9x13 pan with cooking spray of line with foil and spray
**Note: Do NOT use wax paper!!  It is NOT the same as parchment paper, and oh will catch on fire in the oven. No worries, I noticed the instant  smoke rolling out the oven door and saved the day!!**
Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Press into prepared pan and bake for about 18 minutes, until light golden brown.  Cool 5 minutes cut and cool completely before serving (yea right).  Store in air tight container.

So they were a hit, the girls loved them, and so did I.... I'm sure too much!
 We made them as this recipe is written, next time we'll opt for almond butter, or butter, probably cut the brown sugar down by half and sneak in healthier toppings.  But I had to trick them into it first right?!
I did like that they got a special treat, which they are always asking for, that wasn't grossly processed~!

So the other bad overwhelming part of this  day was that it was Big Daddy Z's birthday.....he had to work....ALL Day!! Boo!! 
I had it all worked out to make him this delish looking Paleo approved coconut cake and surprise him with it when he got home....
open cabinet.. not enough coconut flour
run all over town to groceries while baby is napping (w/ Gma Z) one carries it nearby.
Out of time for a trip to Whole Paycheck.... GREAT!

Wife Fail: having nothing special planned for your husband's birthday!
*Guess I could have given him a Granola Bar*

The rest of the week fell into the normal hustle bustle routine...sort of...just multiplied! 
Tuesday: Big Daddy Z and I managed to make it down to CityYoga for the first time together for an evening class!  It was great, challenging, refreshing!  I was so proud of him for just embracing the moment and giving it all he had with no expectations! 
Fast forward to end of Class: our favorite yoga instructor will no longer be teaching  the Tuesday night class. Boo!  (But glad for him, he will be able to spend more time with his family, he deserves it) :)

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday blurred by with work, school, homework, gym, small group, hurry up, hugs and kisses, worry, home inspection, worry, drama, tears, bedtime stories, oh and we added potty training Baby Z into the mix.....

this all brings me to the moral of this tangent:
This week I've felt down in the dumps, down-trodden, and all I can think about is my sweet tooth, I just want to shovel food in my face...again!
Why? Just when I thought I'd gotten past this feeling.  I feel like I am back to week 1 where all I think about is stuff I shouldn't be eating, or how I'm not thinking about stuff I shouldn't be eating, or how I'm not going to eat the stuff I shouldn't be eating b/c I have some will power, right!  To the point that I literally had my tongue ready to go into a tub of frosting.....I didn't, instead I ate one of those granola bars....but why?!!  Was I hungry?  Maybe a little... Was I bored?  Possibly. Is it the illusive magical week? Is that a true symptom, or now my excuse?  Is it b/c I know in my mind *right now* it is "off-limits", where if it were "no big deal" b/c someone is reading my nutrition journal; it would be a non-issue?  Or am I just reverting back to what I know as my comfort....  Lord hear my prayer, I hope not!

So like an addict of anything else, will I ever be completely free of these chains that bind me?

Random word vomit over....

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  1. Love your posts! And HE does hear your prayer! In a way I'm thankful we have the struggle of these kinds of weeks, to help bring us back stronger once we're through it....better equipped for the next time!! :-)